Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Soo, last week I was sick with what the dr. said was just a "viral infection- probably just a cold". I went with that... had never felt that bad with a cold, but, OK. Fast forward from Tues (when I went to the Dr.) to Saturday... Jeremy and I are out of town and the kids are with MiMI. 3 Kids are running fevers and puny. Low grade off and on... Until Monday... Tay wakes up with 103 temp, puking,lethargic, too weak to stand. I am waiting at the Dr. when they open. Diagnosis: Flu (which, is now decided that was what I had last week)and ear infection. When I get home, JD is running 103 temp... might as well just stay home, we are too late for tamiflu now.... By that night, Conner has 102 temp.. Here we go, we all have the flu. Needless to say, rough week. Still running low grade temps and coughing and snotting. Ugh... maybe we can hold on!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I feel terrible that I don't update this as often as I should! Things are just soo crazy around here!  Between working, kids, sickness, starting ball and dance- AND I am trying to start up a new side job of photography, I usually only have seconds to hop on here and check things-never really long enough to sit and type anything.  The only reason I do now it the boys are destroying something in the living room- but no ones crying so it's all good!!

So- here is a shameless plug.... I am now doing photography for fun and Money!  Sassfras Images and I actually have a website in progress..... very basic right now, but, I'm working on it!  So, if you or someone you know needs some pictures, contact me.  Right now I specialize in on location... but, we can make something work for anyones needs!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


We  got SNOW! and Not just a little bit but a lota bit!!! We have been snowed in since Sunday night.  Even Jeremy, who is dedicated to his job had to call in for 2 shifts.  I was fortunate enough to be able to hitch a ride with the County Sherrifs department (who is also my neighbor) to my work.  There were lots of people not making it in to their jobs and lots of people getting stuck!  He even came and brought me home!!

It has been really nice being snowed in with these crazy people! We haven't really played out in in too much for a few reasons:
1- Conner HATED it!
2- it's a ton of trouble layering up 3 kids for less than 10 minutes
3- Tay has been running a fever and has a mystery rash.  (called the dr and talked to them((also told them we were stranded and would basically have to go by what I was telling them)) and they said it sounded like a virus.)

I know one thing- this snow is gorgeous and who knows when we will see it again.  I have truly enjoyed being snuggled up at home with the ones I love the most.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

NICU reunion

This is a very brief and short blog- sorry!! I need to do so much better at updating!  But- life is busy and great!

                                                                 These miracles are 5!!!!

                                                              The best shot of the day!
                                                                           Silly Loves!
                                                     Look how big those feet are now!
 These babies were less than a week old when the awesome nurses did imprints of their feet onto an apple- it hung outside the NICU for all the parents to see.  those feet are smaller than your thumb!
On Oct 17th- we went to the NICU reunion- Tatum's 5th one!! Hard to believe still that my little girl is 5!!!!  Anyways- while in the NICU we made some lifelong friends- friends that are there for us no matter what or how often we get to see each other- which isn't nearly often enough. And these babies pick up where they left off- hugging each other and not wanting to let the other one go..... They formed a bond in those little isolettes.... Well, before the reunion, we had a little photo shoot at Centennial park.... here are some of my faves!!!! I love you all!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


to make a LONGGG ( 5 year) story short- I will give you a summary.  Jeremy... Tatum... JD.... and Conner; love them more than I could ever imagine.  We have gone through things in the last 5 years that OBVIOUSLY not even death could seperate.  They are my life..... and I have been remembering way too much lately.

You all make me so happy

5 years old!

The Princess' Cake

Queen Laura and Princess Tatum

Love her soo much


Royal Pajama Party

The queen recieving Royal pampering

Lovely little Princesses

Let me tell you!  I love a party- but more than that- I LOVE PLANNING parties!!!! This party was by far- the best I have achieved so far!!!!  We had a Princess Party- complete with royal proclamation invites- and you must be dressed in your royal attire to attend!!! All the girls were beautiful pricesses and the boys were the Knights!  We had a royal dinner, princess games and cake and punch in "fancy glasses"!  After the Princes and Knights went home, we had a royal pajama party for Tatum and her friends.  It was so much fun!!!

The wonderful and crazy life of the Kelly's: RMH Birthday Dinner 2010

The wonderful and crazy life of the Kelly's: RMH Birthday Dinner 2010