Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Soo, last week I was sick with what the dr. said was just a "viral infection- probably just a cold". I went with that... had never felt that bad with a cold, but, OK. Fast forward from Tues (when I went to the Dr.) to Saturday... Jeremy and I are out of town and the kids are with MiMI. 3 Kids are running fevers and puny. Low grade off and on... Until Monday... Tay wakes up with 103 temp, puking,lethargic, too weak to stand. I am waiting at the Dr. when they open. Diagnosis: Flu (which, is now decided that was what I had last week)and ear infection. When I get home, JD is running 103 temp... might as well just stay home, we are too late for tamiflu now.... By that night, Conner has 102 temp.. Here we go, we all have the flu. Needless to say, rough week. Still running low grade temps and coughing and snotting. Ugh... maybe we can hold on!


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